Avaya Equinox Web Scheduling

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Avaya Equinox Web Scheduling


Avaya Equinox Web Scheduling


Scheduling Scopia Meetings Has Never Been Easier

Esna iLink for Scopia makes it easy to book Scopia meetings right from Google Apps and Salesforce. Esna iLink for Scopia is a browser extension that makes it easy for you to schedule and start a Scopia meeting instantly with just a few clicks.
- Add a Scopia meeting to any calendar event
- Start an instant Scopia meeting right from any web page or application

Key Features:

Google and Salesforce Calendar Integration
Schedule and invite people to Scopia meetings right from Google and Salesforce calendars. Esna iLink for Scopia creates your meeting in Scopia and automatically inserts the meeting details in your calendar invite.
- Link Scopia seamlessly with Google and Salesforce calendar
- Attendees can easily join meetings from Google Calendar or inbox and Salesforce

Google Contact Card Integration
Invite and start an instant Scopia meeting right from a Google Contact Card. Esna iLink for Scopia creates the meeting and emails an invitation to the attendee.
- Start a Scopia meeting by highlighting a contact in Google Talk
- Seamless integration with the Contact Card

Google People Widget Integration
Leverage the Google People Widget to start and schedule a Scopia meeting right from an email.
- Start an instant 1-on-1 Scopia meeting with the sender
- Schedule a Scopia meeting with everyone copied on an email
- Automatically send meeting invites to all attendees

Chrome Extension
Set up and start an instant Scopia meeting using the Esna iLink for Scopia Chrome browser extension.
- One-click meeting set up
- Generate an optional PIN for secure meetings

Esna iLink for Scopia is a subscription-based service and requires the iLink for Scopia Chrome extension.You can download and try iLink for Scopia free for 30 days from the Chrome Web Store.

If you would like to continue your service after your 30-day trial, or you would like start you paid service immediately, please sign up for the iLink for Scopia service.

Do you have a technical question? Email us at clwsupport@esna.com.











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