My Merrys

2022-08-12 购物

Tes achats sur internet te rapportent des cadeaux d’anniversaire d’exception et en plus, c’est totalement gratuit !…

Measuring Box

2022-08-12 开发者工具

On the fly measuring box used by click and drag action. It can be used on any website to find out what size an element or image is

2022-08-12 娱乐

Veja as letras de suas músicas preferidas com apenas um clique: instale, abra a página com a música e clique na extensão para ver a…

Trig Money

2022-08-12 购物

TrigMoney is an application that recognize online purchases with our shops. You'll receive money back to your bank account


2022-08-12 社交与通讯

Jarvis is the fastest way to find, plan, and post content proven to be engaging on Facebook and Twitter. Use the Jarvis Chrome…

Reader View

2022-08-12 辅助工具

strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout for better readability