Ofidy Shopping Browser Extension

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Ofidy Shopping Browser Extension


Shop from UK/Europe/USA/Canada and get delivery at your doorstep


With the Ofidy Shopping Browser Extension, you can securely and conveniently buy items from online stores in Canada, USA, UK, Other EU Countries, Nigeria, UAE and China (English based websites) and receive your items in Africa or any of the aforementioned countries. The good thing is that with the Ofidy Shopping Browser, you can add items to your cart from several websites across different countries and across different continents even if the items are listed in the respective websites in different currencies...all the items will be in your shopping cart. You can then make payment for all items in your cart in just one currency - that could be your local currency.

With the Ofidy Shopping Browser, you don't have to remember your login details to the several online stores you love to shop in. Also, you don't have to pay separately for items bought in each online store. With the Ofidy Shopping Browser, you can visit each online store, browse to the item you like and add to cart in the Ofidy shopping browser...you can then move on to other website(s) and continue adding items to the Ofidy Shopping Browser's cart. This you can do even if the different websites are in different countries/continents or list items in different currencies.

You shop globally, pay securely on the Ofidy Shopping Browser and we deliver the items to you in your chosen address. You can also collect your item in any of Ofidy's collection centers.

So, please go ahead and shop on the sites you love without concerns of having to log into each site, paying in foreign currencies, struggling with delivery/shipping/freight, or even managing relations with the sellers. We will handle these.

DISCLAIMER: You agree that by clicking the “Add to Cart” Button on any item, you do the following:

1. Give Ofidy the express right to extract the URL and the page title of the web page you have open at the time the “Add to Cart” button was clicked

2. You agree that you inform us that you want to buy the item displayed on the specified URL

3. You agree that Ofidy will put the item in your Ofidy cart

4. You agree that Ofidy will provide you with an invoice that will contain the price of the item whose URL we have collected. The invoice will also contain the administrative and shipping charges that Ofidy will bill you for getting that item to you

5. You authorize the staff working for the Ofidy website to purchase the selected item from the chosen buyer and deliver to you based on Ofidy’s terms and conditions

6. You agree for Ofidy to pass you details to the company that owns the website should they need your information as a buyer of their products

7. You agree that where necessary, you authorize the Ofidy team to contact the store/seller on your behalf to help you resolve any customer services related issue(s)

Ofidy does not take responsibility for the state of the items bought from third-party websites. The Ofidy team only offer a service to you – helping you purchase identified items and deliver to you.











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