Real Estate Listings

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Real Estate Listings


An international real estate advertising website. List the property for sale or for rent


Extension features:

1. Easy access to Realtyww website via a button on the browsers tool tub. Also you can refine search in the extensions popup and then open a relevant page in the site.

2. Source page suggestion. Did you ever have a situation when you need to copy-paste the link or press a button to view more details and contact information on theRealtyww when browsing different site? The extension will help to solv this by showing notification when you're navigating such listing, just click on the notification to open the source page in the new tab.

3. Query suggester. If we can handle you search query, then we'll show a notification, clicking on which will open a relevant search results in the new tab. This option is limited to 1 notification per hour.

Site description:

Realtyww is an international real estate advertising website.

Due to “realtyWW” you can incredibly easy buy, sell, lease and rental properties around the world, in spite of your location. It can be USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, India, New Zealand.

What we offer:

- Real estate listings publishing internationally
- Real estate listings promotion in the social media
- Easy property search worldwide
- Guest post publishing
- Premium listing promotion services

The main feature of realityWW, is free listings distribution network. When every ad or article is distributing to social medias and to our partners sites free.

This can incredibly increase the advertising conversion when you advertise on realtyWW. And also this can help people stay up to date just by subscribing to any of our social pages.

Promotional articles and guest blogging are the perfect way to increase your sales, so we offers article posting on our blog.

Referrals. It was created especially just for people, not for profit. And even if you want to add a premium advertisement for free, it will be enough to invite your friend or acquaintance to register in the project.

Owners, wishing to attract maximum of attention to their real estate listings, usually pay too much attention to creative ideas and are not thinking about the correctness of the listings compilation. This information below is to tell you about the most important factors when writing real estate listings.

In order to make real estate listings attractive for buyers, they should be unusual, memorable and unformatted. For example, an ad with the headline “Buy an apartment and get a gift Cat” will at least attract the attention of a potential buyer, and he will go to a page to read the object description.

However, not all the catchy phrases can be used when writing real estate listings, some will have a totally opposite effect and will frighten off the customers.

Often, the buyer, viewing real estate listings, perceives them as a picture, including the text part, provided that the font chosen wisely. Therefore, in the real estate listings is better thing to use normal and comfortable for the perception of fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri. It is better to avoid exotic options, because those real estate listings simply are difficult to read.

For highlighting, more preferable to use standard methods, for example, italic, underline, or bold. It is better to show creativity in the presentation, as has been said, it sets the buyer to the desired fashion.

Not all sites can allow their customers to change the font of real estate listings, while it is possible on realtyWW.

Price is one of the most important points of real estate listings for sale or lease. For a successful sale, it should be average or slightly lower than at the area.

If you want to quickly sell an apartment, it is not necessary to write in the declaration about “urgent sale”. On the one hand, it is perceived by consumers as a possible fraud on the part of the owner. On the other hand – Customers can apply for an additional discount. It is obvious that neither the one nor the other option is unfavorable for the seller.

If you write in the real estate listings “Price negotiating”, then thus will declare immediately that your apartment is not worth the specified price. You can also use all the same “anchor”. For example, if the value of the object is just below the market price, you can write in real estate listings a “best price in the area.”

Real estate listings about selling, lease must be accompanied by a photograph of good quality.











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