Pedigree Thief

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Pedigree Thief


Creates ahnentafels from Pedigree Trees (plus other tools to assist with data input to Genome Mate Pro).


Pedigree Thief will read pedigree trees from Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, Geni, and MyHeritage and convert them to Ahnentafel charts.
Simply navigate to the individual you are interested in and display their Pedigree chart, click the Pedigree Thief icon and the Ahnentafel will be displayed.

Right-click the icon and select 'Help' to load a browser tab with brief documentation. For additional help please join the Pedigree Thief Facebook page.

For Ancestry, the user can set the number of generations to be gathered. This is configurable in the options page from a minimum of 5 generations (level 0) up to 41 (level 9). The user can also choose to capitalize surnames and/or restrict dates to year only. These can be set as default values in the options page but can also be toggled on the output page.

In addition, Pedigree Thief can now read the details from a DNA match on Ancestry and produce csv files with the individuals details and Shared Matches. These are intended for input to Genome Mate Pro. To use, navigate to a DNA match and click the Pedigree Thief icon. A summary of the gathered data will be shown. Repeat this with as many matches as you wish and then click the buttons to produce the files. Once download, the 'Clear Data' button can be clicked.

In MyHeritage, in addition to reading the Pedigree Charts displayed on the DNA Match page, it will also build a database of IDs and output Matches, Chromosome Data, ICWs and Triangulations linked to these IDs. This requires to be activated on the 'Options' page. (Right-click the icon.)
Pedigree Thief Change Log
version - updated 28 June 2019
1. Ancestry matches stored in local database
2. Ability to read new Ancestry pages
3. MyHeritage database populated by files provided them.
4. Bug fixes and code re-writes.

2 April 2019
1. Fixed glitch when reading a FTDNA tree in Family View and multiple marriages were included.

version - changed 1 April 2019
1. Fixed display of FTDNA tree at 32nd generation.

version - changed 31 March 2019
1. Added the facility to increase the number of generations read from a FTDNA tree to a maximum of 32.
version - changed 29 March 2019
1. Fixed bug when reading FTDNA pedigrees when no father shown.

version - changed 28 January 2019
1. When reading Ancestry Matches, will skip match if name is blank or reads 'Unknown Name'.
2. Added delay to reading Ancestry matches.

version - changed 24 January 2019
1. Amended code to allow for change in GedMatch Genisis URL of 'People who match both kits, or 1 of 2 kits'.

version - changed 11 January 2019
1. Fixed MyHeritage Chromosome Browser page which failed due to a change in page code.

version - changed 6 January 2019
1. MyHeritage files now downloaded as single files.
2. Changed timings for reading Ancestry Matches. (Takes about 8 minutes for 50 matches.)
3. When reading Ancestry matches, added delayed reload when page sticks which seems to re-set Ancestry's anti-scraping software.
4. More reliable when reading Ancestry Shared Matches.

version - changed 11 December 2018
1. Slowed down the gathering of matches on Ancestry to human speeds so as to not incur the recently introduced security check.
2. Attempted the same with MyHeritage Chromosome Browser but does not appear to be 100% successful.

version - changed 6 December 2018
1. Added 'Toggle Select' and 'Save ICW' buttons to GedMatch Genesis 'People who match both kits or 1 of 2 kits' results page.

version - changed 4 December 2018
1. Updated to accommodate change in MyHeritage Chromosome Browser page.

version - changed 25 November 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief stalled if a MyHeritage match had not yet been read into the database (i.e. Read from the DNA Matches page)

version - changed 23 November 2018
1. Second attempt to fix change to MyHeritage DNA Matches page which has been rolled out to some users.

version - changed 22 November 2018
1. Adjusted code to allow for small change in MyHeritage DNA Matches page.

version - changed 12 November 2018
1. Updated 'Add IDs to MyHeritage DNA File.xlsm' to fix bug that caused it to crash under certain circumstances.

version - changed 11 November 2018
1. Added to the list that Pedigree Thief will enable itself (However, awaiting feedback from a Swedish speaker to confirm it's functionality.)

version - changed 10 November 2018
1. Fixed bug where Ancestry matches over 1000 cMs would not import into GMP.
2. Amended help to clarify GMP templates.

version - changed 7 November 2018
1. Fixed bug where Ancestry match name is blank
2. Added updated version of Pedigree to GedCom.exe. Corrected bug in GedCom source output.

version - changed 7 November 2018
1. Ancestry non-subscribers should now be able to download their DNA matches.

version - changed 5 November 2018
1. Updated the utility 'Pedigree To GedCom' to -
a. remove single leading comma in place fields
b. corrected GedCom output when 'Add Pedigree Text to Source' is not enabled.

version - changed 5 November 2018
1. Updated to reflect change in MyHeritage display of the pedigree on a DNA Match page. Will now only collect ahnentafel from the pedigree chart display.

version - changed 31 October 2018
1. Added Pedigree to GedCom Utility help to end of Pedigree Thief help page.

version - changed 30 October 2018
1. Fixed reading FTDNA pedigrees for variant URLs.

version - changed 30 October 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would not read the admin name on an Ancestry match page.
2. Updated 'Add IDs to MyHeritage DNA File.xls'. Previous versions could include matches that had in fact been found in the Unidentified output file.

version - changed 12 October 2018
1. Fixed change in Ancestry DNA Matches view that prevented Pedigree Thief reading multiple matches.
2. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would hang when reading a match if not initially on the Pedigree and Surnames tab.

version - changed 3 October 2018
1. Changed the reading of MyHeritage triangulations to a one click process which is faster.
2. Changed the download MyHeritage Chromosome Data to output multiple files of 7500 segments per file. (This is to circumvent the limit Chrome has on the size of downloads).
3. Included an updated version of 'Add IDs to MyHeritage DNA file.xlms' that will now cater for up to 5 Pedigree Thief generated match files (20,000 matches).

version - changed 27 September 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would misread the ahnentafel numbers on some MyHeritage pedigree charts.
2. Added wait till a MyHeritage Match page fully loaded

version - changed 23 September 2018
1. Ancestry notes are now included in the Matches.csv, column 12.

version - changed 20 September 2018
1. Re-activate the ability to scan up to 50 matches in Ancestry.

version - changed 17 September 2018
1. Added progress tracker to MyHeritage triangulations screen

version - changed 16 September 2018
1. Updated MyHeritage Triangulations template

version - changed 16 September 2018
1. Added ability to read Chromosome data for multiple MyHeritage matches.

version - changed 13 September 2018
1. Replaced Excel macro 'Add IDs to MyHeritage DNA file.xlms' to fix bug where three Pedigree Thief Match files are being read.

version - changed 28 August 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would not start on owner's pedigree view.

version - changed 26 August 2018
1. Fixed bug with some Ancestry pedigrees where there are shared branches in the same tree causing these entries to be duplicated.

version - changed 26 August 2018
1. In Ancestry, can now read up to 50 matches from the DNA Matches page.
2. Updated Pedigree to GedCom.exe
- shows alternative names in names list
- adds 'unknown' first-name to Ahnentafel if missing, to allow correct import to Genome Mate Pro (configurable in settings).
- fixed bug where utility might crash if place name longer than display area.

version - changed 17 August 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would crash if reading a short MyHeritage pedigree.

version - changed 13 August 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would not run for a new user on MyHeritage DNA Matches page.

version - changed 12 August 2018
1. Fixed issue where a profile on MyHeritage has more than one ID. Now returns the correct number of matches.
2. Fixed bug where a MyHeritage Pedigree Tree would hang if the last person in the tree was selected.

version - changed 11 August 2018
1. Fixed bug where Pedigree Thief would hang reading some MyHeritage Trees.

version - changed 10 August 2018
1. Added ability to read MyHeritage Pedigree Chart

version - changed 9 August 2018
1. Added two additional columns to MyHeritage triangulations csv file, 'startActual' and 'endActual'. These contain the start and end positions in full.
2. Removed redundant commas from Ahnentafel display.

version - changed 3 August 2018
1. Added ability to read Geni Ancestor lists (see help)
2. Added progress messages for the slower data gathering processes.
3. For MyHeritage triangulations being read from manually selected matches - PT will display a message if any matches are not in the database.
4. Updated Help file (right-click icon)

version - changed 29 July 2018
1. Added ability to read FamilyTreeDNA charts and output Ahnentafel.

version - changed 24 July 2018
1. Moved access to Help as a right-click icon menu item.

version - changed 23 July 2018
1. added a button 'Save ICW' to GedMatch 'People who match both kits' table. This will download a csv file.
2. added template to the Downloads section of the help file to load the GedMatch ICW file into Genome Mate Pro.
3. updated the Pedigree to GedCom utility
- fixed an issue where all places were not displayed in the 'Places' view.
- additional date recognition.
- additional prefix recognition.

version - changed 13 July 2018
1. Various bug fixes.

version - changed 1 July 2018
1. Changed the way Pedigree Thief displays and reads MyHeritage Triangulations

version - changed 30 June 2018
1. Amended to function on new style MyHeritage site.

version - changed 9 June 2018
1. Code re-write
2. Added functions to read match data from MyHeritage
3. Added 'Help' page.
4. Added downloadable files at end of Help page - Genome Mate Pro templates, 'Pedigree to Gedcom.exe' stand alone program, and 'Add Ids to MyHeritage DNA file' Excel macro

version 0.9.4 - changed 13 March 2018
1. fixed bug where icon would activate on (The extension only has a passive roll on GedMatch adding 'Toggle' buttons to search results pages.)
version 0.9.3 - changed 18 February 2018
1. Added ability to read a MyHeritage Pedigree tree and convert to Ahnentafel format.
Note - will only read the displayed 5 generations.
- takes 15/20 seconds as it downloads the underlying data individualy.
- requires the match to be reloaded if you need to run a second time.
- attempts to convert female surnames to maiden names.

version 0.9.2 - changed 16 February 2018
1. Amended code to allow for variation in Match URL when opened from Genome Mate Pro.

version 0.9.1 - changed 4 January 2018
1. Added code that inserts buttons to toggle select on results page on Requires to be enabled from the Options page. (Right click icon.)

version 0.8.5 - changed 24 December 2017
1. Fixed bug where extension froze or returned an incorrect ahnentafel if pedigree tree had already been extended.

version 0.8.4 - changed 18 December 2017
1. Fixed bug where extension froze if DNA data missing.
2. Fixed bug where linked tree url failed to be read correctly.

version 0.8.3 - changed 7 November 2017
1. Added button to download a csv file of matches with unlinked trees
contains - name, match ID and url.
2. Fixed bug were extension sometimes froze when there were no shared matches.

version 0.8.2 - changed 31 Oct 2017
1. Removed the 'Non-linked tree(s) available!' message from Family Tree field.
2. Added new field showing true if alternative trees available.
3. Added new display column 'Tree' showing 'Linked', 'Unlinked' 'None'

version 0.8.1 - changed 30 Oct 2017
1. On reading match details, if the tester has not been linked to a tree
but a select box with tree(s) is available, Pedigree Thief will
replace the familyTree field with "Non-linked tree(s) available!"

2. If hints are available, Pedigree Thief will return "true" in column 10
of the Matches on Ancestry.csv file.







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