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ClickDesk Agent Dashboard



ClickDesk - Combo of Live Chat, Voice and Video Chat and Helpdesk Software For Online Businesses - Trusted by over 150,000 online businesses.

ClickDesk is an awesome combo of live chat, voice and video chat and helpdesk software for online businesses to engage website visitors in real-time, boost conversions and customer satisfaction. ClickDesk is trusted by over 150,000 online businesses across 107 countries in tens of languages. Reliable and secure with 99.95% up-time guarantee.

Agents answer customer queries directly from agent panel through desktop or mobile. The voice and video chat feature of ClickDesk takes the communication to a whole different level by adding a human touch to business conversations. Web visitors can initiate voice and video chat sessions straight from the browser without installing any additional hardware or software. An integrated helpdesk functionality will help the agents keep track of offline chats and ensure that the customer issues are never lost in email.

ClickDesk also provides beautiful chat themes to suit websites of any kind of businesses. A wide variety of chat and ticket reports provide insights into the business and agent performance. ClickDesk also provides several advanced features like translation of chat messages into agent's native language, option to send and receive files, typing notifications, chat conference and more.

This Chrome extension is designed for ClickDesk users to help them be on top of visitors, chats and tickets without being available on ClickDesk agent dashboard all the time.

Below is the complete list of features supported by this Chrome extension:

* New chat notifications - When a web visitor initiates a chat, agents receive a real-time notification in Chrome browser. Click the notification to launch the complete agent panel to answer the chat.

* New visitor notifications - When your website has a new visitor, agents receive notification with the visitor details.

* Direct Login - Login to ClickDesk agent and admin dashboard anytime from the Chrome extension directly by a simple click. Login once with Chrome extension and access the ClickDesk dashboards when you need.

* Chat counts - Check the number of currently active chats.

* Online status - Avoid login and logout every time when you wanted to answer chats. Change online/offline status directly from Chrome extension to indicate your availability to take chats.

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