Better Bug +

2019年10月29日 开发者工具


Better Bug +


Extension for Oraclites to simplify the usage of BugDB.


Initially developed by Matt Cooper as a Night and weekend project.
Maintained by FinTech.

Key features:

(1) - Bug query screens

Converts any Bug DB query table into a table with:
- sortable columns
- stop bug titles from displaying in all capital letters to make them easier and faster to read (note that Bug DB product owners can enable mixed-case or even all lower-case mode for their Bug DB products but unfortunately the default Bug DB setting is upper-case)
- tracking group columns that provide links to a configurable query showing other open bugs in those tracking categories
- tag columns that provide links to a configurable query showing other open bugs associated with that tag

Adds canned queries to bug queries whose titles are like "Open Bugs for BUGUSERNAME", "Updated Bugs for BUGUSERNAME", etc. for easy viewing of common developer queries. The query title expands into multiple query links. Simply click a different link to see that particular query. These queries are configurable.
- Open = Bugs you should be fixing
- Monitored = Bugs you can't fix without feedback from other people
- Updated = Bugs assigned to you but updated recently
- Reported = Bugs you created
- Needing Review = Bugs you created but action is required on your own part

Adds a configurable user name list so that you can easily toggle between your lists of bugs and your peers' lists.

Adds a row filter to immediately filter out the displayed results.

Adds a link that will strip formatting for easy export such as copying and pasting into Microsoft Excel.

Optionally replaces some Product, Component, and Subcomponent columns with icon representations.

There are quite a few icons built-in but definitely not all are covered. If you want me to add icons for your favorite bug products or bug components, send me ones to use that are 32x32 png images with alpha transparency (shown at 16x16 but need 32x32 for hi-dpi "retina" displays).

(2) - Bug edit detail screens

Adds the bug title to the bug edit screen.

Since the bug DB splits description content into multiple lines, most URLs get broken into pieces. This extension pieces together long links that would normally be broken into pieces (in case you frequently have content where you see a legitimate line break that is being interpreted as something needing to piece together, you can turn this feature off though it is recommended that you insert line breaks after long links and between paragraphs to avoid such misinterpretations).

Whenever you have protected/hidden comments in a description, the leading "@" characters will be swapped out with styling so that now you can copy the comments to the clipboard and get text that more closely resembles what the author originally intended.

Lets you choose whether you want to pre-select the "Hide", "Unhide", or neither radio button for inserting comments on the bug edit screens.

Adds a collapse/restore button to each bug comment block so that you may temporarily free up page real estate used by particular comments.

Uses coloring to quickly distinguish between unresolved and resolved bugs.

Adds the capability to define bug description templates that can be injected into bugs with a single click.

Adds various keyboard shortcuts.

(3) - Search Forms

Inserts bug subject and bug detail search forms into the Bug DB home page for easier bug searches.

(4) - Forums and Wikis

Inserts links to the Bug DB whenever text referring to bugs or enhancements are found in:
- MyOracle Forums thread pages
- OTN Forum thread pages
- aseng-wiki wiki pages

(5) - Context Menu Items

The browser context menu will have items for:
- Better Bug Keyword (see the Better Bug preferences for a list of keywords)
- Search Aria for the selected text
- Open a URL with the selected text (stripping out white space from the selected text)
- Open the bug with the selected number
- Search bug subjects for the selected text











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