Steemed Phish

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Steemed Phish


A Chrome extension that will warn you if you are being lured into a fake Steemit website.


This extension will validate Steemit related websites by changing its icon color:
- red is for blacklisted sites
- green is for recognised friendly sites
- grey is for unrecognised sites

On, the system already marks external links with a grey icon on the right of each links. Steemed Phish will make that icon more obvious by coloring it in purple. On top of that, it will make a bubble appear next to the mouse cursor with a text explaining the fact that clicking on the link with leads you away so don't use your password.

Steemed Phis uses:
- a whitelist
- a blacklist
- a link detection from the current page

Blacklist and whitelist are hard to maintain but adding them help widening the coverage.

## v0.0.32
- code cleanup and optimisation
- fix issue with some links not being scanned properly

## v0.0.31
- make comment blocks more visible as a work around the new strategy described by witness @arcange
- add support for steemcleaners steemit account blacklist and mark those authors if found on any steemit blogs
- when hovering the mouse on an image, show a dotted border to help spot fake upvote/reply links

## v0.0.30
- added steemcleaners blacklist

## v0.0.29
- minor fixes on how the blacklist is loaded
- more sites added to the blacklist

## v0.0.28
- improve full page alert within iframes when no body tag is found
- improve URL unshortening script

## v0.0.27
- improve detection of phishing sites within iframes

## v0.0.27
- detects phishing sites within iframes

## v0.0.26
- fix whitelist bug
- adding cache buster to siteList.json URL

## v0.0.25
- updated the popup screen
- use of regexp for blacklist and whitelist

## v0.0.24
- added own URL expander that works better with services such as

## v0.0.23
- better way to handle blacklist and whitelist
- update the popup

## v0.0.22
- blacklist update

## v0.0.21
- added regexp for suspicious non blacklisted sites. Trying to find a pattern hostname (IP address for example) used by scammers and show an alert if found.
- blacklist update

## v0.0.20
- not showing the external link warning on friendly websites

## v0.0.19
- blacklist update
- unshorten URL from links and check them against black lists

## v0.0.17 & v0.0.18
- bug fix

## v0.0.16
- the external link marker is now purple instead of read to not be confused with a scam link that is also red
- faster scan of anchors
- use a tooltip that moves with the mouse to make external links more visible

## v0.0.15
- added whitelist site
- change icon (Made by from, is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0 )

## v0.0.14:
- click on the extension icon to see instructions on how to send me new sites to be whitelisted or blacklisted

## v0.0.13
- better fix for flickering of page when injecting custom css

## v0.0.12
- added new blacklisted domain
- share blacklist between the background and content scripts

## v0.0.11
- improve blacklisted links detection by using the MutationObserver API. This allows marking of links from hidden comments due to low ratings.
- fix flickering issue when injecting css

## v0.0.10
- bug fix

## v0.0.9
- bug fix

## v0.0.8
- added more whitelisted sites
- one extra color for the extension icon: red = blacklisted site, green = known good steemit related site, grey = not a known steemit related site
- the alert on a click on an external link has been removed and replaced by the behaviour below
- has added a little grey icon next to a link that takes you away from it, this icon is now made red instead of grey for better visibility
- if an external link is from a blacklisted site, the link will highlighted in red and stricken through and marked as SCAM
- a link back to the equivalent page on Steemit is added to the full page alert

## v0.0.7
- added a popup screen when you click on the extension icon info on how to contact me for reporting new scams
- fixed the full page red warning panel to display for

## v0.0.6
- A content script is also injected into blacklisted websites and covers the age with a red warning panel. This does not work for all sites such as

## v0.0.5
- The content script is injected into the page of whitelisted websites. When a user clicks on a link that takes him/her away from the current website, an alert dialog will show up to raise awareness.
- The background script monitor browser tabs and their URL and update the extension icon color accordingly. A green icon means the current website was found in the whitelist else it will be red.
- When a user opens a blacklisted website an alert will show up to raise awareness











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